On Education


According to the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, the United States now lags behind other nations in STEM education [9]. Warren knows the way to begin resolving this problem is by ensuring technology is in every classroom. We must, however, not lose sight of the arts. Whether that means liberal arts education or music and visual arts, Warren understands we need STEAM to power through the next decade.

Many of our children lack the Global Awareness necessary to be successful when interacting with their counterparts in diverse cultures.  The world is shrinking through technology, while  economies are now interconnected. Warren is a leader who understands the “Big Picture.” He is a tested and experienced visionary who will partner with state and local leaders to deliver federal resources to enhance problem based learning, collaboration, financial literacy, and critical thinking skills.

Higher Education

Warren will also fight to make higher education more affordable. Currently, American graduates such as those coming from the University of Maryland, Bowie State University and universities across the nation, are drowning in over 1 trillion dollars in debt [10]. At a minimum, Warren wants to find ways to ease the heavy burden on college students by cutting interest rates on college loans.

Like many parents in the 4th Congressional District, Warren is the parent of a college student currently attending an HBCU. Therefore, Warren understands that more must be done to sustain the viability of HBCUs and MSIs. These institutions are fundamental to the continued economic growth and advancement of men and women of all ethnic and racial backgrounds–especially African-Americans and Latinos. Warren will fight for federal resources, private-public partnerships and private-sector initiatives to support the continued growth of HBCUs and MSIs.

Warren also supports President Obama’s recent initiative which would allow students to attend community college free of charge. This is vital to the success of minorities in this country. With only about 50 percent of our students graduating from college and university within 6 years, minority students are left behind. The president’s plan points out that “while more than half of college students graduate within six years, the completion rate for low-income students is around 25 percent [43].”  Warren believes that we must act and act now to increase opportunity for all of our students.

Work-Force Development

Speaking of higher education, Warren wants to strengthen workforce development and career and technical education programs. He believes partnering with community colleges creates the opportunity for a highly skilled workforce to meet the needs and demands of industry. Warren believes the Community Colleges in the 4th Congressional District can continue to build partnerships with businesses and create career pathways. Warren knows colleges have the flexibility to work closely with local actors, increasing the likelihood of local employment [11] in Prince George’s and Anne Arundel Counties. Additionally, community colleges provide access to preparatory classes and could allow seniors, returning citizens, veterans and their families and individuals in need of further assistance, to have access to courses such as computer and financial literacy.

School Construction and Modernization

School construction must be high on our list of priorities. We must invest in our schools if we are going to support student success. This means constructing new schools, rebuilding older schools and modernizing our school infrastructure.

These actions not only benefit our students but the community overall. When our students feel safe they learn better and get better grades. This increases their opportunities as they get older. Additionally, this action will create good paying jobs for trades people, among others and will create a ripple effect throughout the economy.

Preschool and My Brother’s Keeper

Warren will show bold leadership in helping President Obama implement his My Brother’s Keeper initiative. As a longtime mentor, Warren will continue to help keep kids out of trouble and on a successful path.  Additionally, Warren knows increasing access to preschool education will produce significant dividends. We must do better for our youth and together we will.  Investing in our youth, especially those in impoverished communities is the first risk mitigation measure we can use to reduce crime.